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Changes for New Hope is a registered NGO in the Peruvian Andes reaching children living in impoverishment and destitution and by extension, their families. Since 2009 we have provided over seven tons of warm clothing and shoes, school supplies fought anemia with vitamin supplements and anti-parasite medicine. We have developed their creativity with art projects which raises self esteem and through our "Haz lo Correcto-Do the Right Thing: initiative, we guide the children toward better values for life.
Currently we need funding for eco-friendly non-electric hand crank washers because mothers are washing clothing several hours a day by hand in cold water causing sickness. We need funds for multiple vitamins for several thousand children to fight anemia which is rampant. Funds also will help us to expand our program to many thousands more children who need our help. We reach out to some very remote areas where other NGOs and government help never reaches. Your support will make the difference between sufficiency and destitution. Thank you kindly.



Empowering Women's Lives with Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

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The Campaign Changes for New Hope is revolutionizing the lives of women in the chilly Peruvian Andes. Forever they have been washing clothes in glacier streams or cold wash basins by hand. The solution is an...
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