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A Closer Look At Pixhug Partners Who are Making a Difference in the World:

Pixhug functions on the premise that by simply posting photos to social media, we can all be the change we had always hoped we could be in the lives of others around the world. Pixhug has made this dream a reality, and for charities that bring this hope to those in need, Pixhug partners are to thank. If you’ve ever posted a photo on a social media site, 'like' Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and wondered why so many people are obsessed with building ‘likes’ that have no intrinsic value, you’re not alone. Pixhug took that question a step further and made way for all those 'likes' to translate into real donations that make a positive change in the lives of real people. Here’s how:

When social media fans download the Pixhug App, they can start posting their photos to the network of Pixhug followers, as well as their existing Facebook network for others to share and ‘like’. The only difference is that Pixhug partners, who are corporate sponsors, have already pledged to fund a specific charity or campaign every time a Pixhug user gets a ‘like’. So now, when you choose a charity or a campaign to support, your photo ‘likes’ are more than just a thumbs-up. On Pixhug, 'likes' turn into hugs, which translate into committed donations by Pixhug partners. How cool is that?

According to the Pixhug community, it’s very cool. Numerous campaigns are currently underway and partially funded by Pixhug partners, and you can jump in and help them meet their goals. Your picture 'likes' can bring clean water to the Burkina Faso area where water, sanitation, and hygiene is a serious issue. More than 2,000 people will be helped through this project sponsored by Pixhug partners at the White Feather Foundation. As part of the Clean Water project, the population in Burkina Faso will be trained in personal hygiene, water management and sanitation.

You can learn more about Pixhug partners by clicking on the ‘Sponsors’ link on the website’s homepage. Feel free to click on a sponsor’s profile to read about past and current campaigns commitments. The transparency of a Pixhug sponsor page allows you to see how much money Pixhug partners have already pledged to charity. Read about the mission of each sponsor and choose campaigns that align with values you believe in to bring about the change you want to see take place around the world.

There’s never been an easier way to get involved in charity giving than by posting your photos to the Pixhug community through the most responsible social media platform on the Web. Download the app now to get started or get connected with Pixhug to become one of their Pixhug partners.