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Why Downloading the Pixhug App is So Important:

You may have heard about the positive changes Pixhug is making around the world through their innovative social media platform that turns photos and likes into money for charity. If you’re looking into Pixhug and you’re thinking about getting involved, the first step is in downloading the Pixhug App. It’s free to do so, and it’s very easy. Pixhug is available for both Android and iOS platforms, including iPhone, iPad. To download and get started, simply click the Google Play or Apple icon on the pixhug.com homepage or search for Pixhug in the App Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the Pixhug App, all that’s left is to connect your Facebook account to Pixhug. You’re ready to start building revenue for your preferred charity. Select the charity you want to support and upload your favorite photos to your Pixhug account. Corporate sponsors are committed to donating money every time your picture gets a like from the Pixhug or Facebook community. There’s no fundraising for you to worry about, or information to get out there. The Pixhug platform does all the work for you.

If you want to make a difference in the world around you, and on the other side of the world, you can. All it takes is using the Pixhug platform in the same way you already use your Facebook account. Post pictures of your family picnic that was rained out, your precious cat drinking from the sink, your older brother waking up still half asleep - well, you get the idea.

Just post photos you usually share with your network of friends. Each like means a hug, and each hug means dedicated sponsors are donating to your selected charity. What could be better than helping other people build better lives by simply sharing your everyday pictures?

Pixhug believes a picture is worth much more than a thousand words; they have seen first-hand the power photos have to change the world. The new Pixhug 2.3.0 download is the latest version with various improvements and performance upgrades that make using Pixhug an enjoyable experience.

Downloading the Pixhug App right now means you can help fund a project with Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center to fight cyberbullying. The Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness has partnered with Pixhug to combat domestic abuse with the “Delivering Hope” campaign. You can also help fund scholarships for young girls in Africa with the White Feather Foundation; which is also working with Pixhug to bring clean drinking water to Burkina Faso. The Blue Chip Foundation will pay for every one of your photo likes to pay Cura Orphanage Tuition Fees for young people orphaned by AIDS. There are numerous campaigns you can select on the Pixhug website; just click the ‘Campaigns’ link to see them all.

It only takes a moment to get set up on Pixhug but the changes you make from downloading the Pixhug App and sharing your photos will ripple outward and touch the lives of many who need help. Empower your photos and share them on the most socially responsible media platform ever established. So many people will be glad you did!

Changing the world is now at the tip of your fingers.