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Tips For Picking Your Pixhug Charity:

If you’ve heard about how Pixhug is changing the world and you want to be a part of it from the ground level, you can get started now by simply downloading the Pixhug App. It’s entirely free to take part in the Pixhug revolution that’s changing so many lives across the world. All you need to do is choose the Pixhug charity that speaks to you.

For those who have never heard of Pixhug, a quick history of the company will get you up to speed. Pixhug got its start in social media with a dream that the billions of social media 'likes’ occurring day after day had the power to make changes in the world. Pixhug grew that dream until it materialized on a platform where photos actually create change. It’s as easy as downloading the App to your iOS device through iTunes. Once you’ve downloaded the App, you can select the charities you want to support and join their campaigns. Share your photos with Pixhug and Facebook communities, and campaign sponsors will generously donate to your charity every time your photo gets a ‘like’.

There are numerous charities to partner with on the Pixhug App:

The Walking School Bus is building classrooms for students in Putti Village, Uganda - a campaign sponsored by Des Friedland Lawyer & Associates. This is a project that encourages students in North America to read books out loud and record them in the form of audiobooks to share with schools in lower income areas.

Pledge to “Rethink” Plastic is a campaign that seeks to reduce plastics that are found in the oceans, damaging animal life and our own health. You can be part of the solution by partnering with Plastic Oceans Foundation of Canada and select this Pixhug charity to fund - and it’s sponsored by the Pixhug company.

Delivering Hope is a worthy Pixhug charity and seeks to help women whose lives have been affected by abuse, and need a fresh start. Delivering Hope was created by Abuse Hurts and is sponsored by Qilarus Pharma, and supplies shelters with clothing, housewares, toys, furnishings, personal care items, and provides women with personal make-over sessions.

Choose a Pixhug charity that you believe in and start adding to their campaign funds instantly just by sharing your photos with the Pixhug community and your established Facebook friends. Every time a photo receives a ‘like’, your charity will receive a donation from the sponsor who has committed to the campaign. There’s nothing else for you to do! In fact, it’s never been easier to help fund a worthy cause.

Pixhug believes in the power of social media to bring positive change where it’s needed. With your help, numerous charities can realize their dream. You can learn more about participating charities, the corporate sponsors working with Pixhug, and how to get involved when you visit the Pixhug website and download the App.